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    Starbucks are a mega force in the coffee world, having well over 11,500 shops worldwide.

    Their logo has become cemented into the modern high street with multiple shops readily available in major cities such as London, Paris and New York.

    Although Starbucks clearly are the biggest grossing company in the restaurant sector of the coffee industry, they were missing a huge market in retail.

    With brands such as Nescafe and Kenco having the edge over Starbucks with their standard filtered coffee stacking the shelves of Tesco, Morrsions, Asda and Lidl.

    Starbucks decided to branch out to compete with these companies.

    Although they seeked help in doing so.

    Thats when they began their work with Londons famous Pearlfisher branding agency.

    Pearlfisher have previously worked with a number of easily recognisable and everyday brands, including the likes of Havana Club, Jim Beam, Cadbury and Innocent among more.

    What do the brands have in common on Pearlfishers roster? They are all trusted and therefor have become leaders in their market.

    In order to retrieve this trust you have to form a relationship with the customer over a period of time.

    For example Coca Cola are a company who have managed to gain a huge level of trust that they are in fact the company with the best Cola product in the world.

    They have done this by major investment into advertisements and celebrity endorsement.

    Even coming up with the idea of incorporating Santa Claus into their advertising, which stimulates the idea that Coca Cola is a trusted family brand.

    Having this sort of development into the image of the company will help them in sales opportunities, e.g.

    if an individual was told to pick up fizzy drinks when at the supermarket, when deciding what product to choose, its highly likely that the individual will gravitate towards Coca Cola, due to the trust that they see in the brand Millions of people cant be wrong.

    As you can see in the slideshow, Pearlfisher have chosen easy on the eye colours, nothing too bold to give Starbucks a classy natural look on the shelves.

    Opting to dedicate all your products to these particular colour pallets will over time give Starbucks a recognisable appearance to customers and leads Due to the development and exposure of the Starbucks logo, Pearlfisher have decided to make the logo on the products stand out bold.

    To have an extended look at the ongoing work Pearlfisher has done for Starbucks, go to

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