Teeth Whitening Tips

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    Whether you're a serial brusher every day, someone who carries floss in their bags, or someone who can't go a few hours without chewing some gum, having perfectly white teeth is one of the toughest things to get right.

    No matter what kind of fancy toothpaste you use or mouthwash you swear by, getting sparkly white teeth takes more than good daily upkeep.

    There are hundreds of videos out there that dish out weird and wonderful tips for whiter teeth that you wouldn't usually hear about.

    In this video you get to see clips of people using everything from baking soda, to fruit, to olive oil to try and brighten their smiles.

    And while the compilation may have you coming away with an idea or two, I'd recommend doing a little research in to laser whitening to get a better shade of white.

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