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    The way a company can portray itself through its brand is the most important part of advertising a product.

    For every success a company like John Lewis will have with their ad campaigns at Christmas, there will be other companies that miss out.

    A solid brand can do wonders for a product and in this video Ive compiled a few examples of big brands from the UK and Ireland of companies which have a very strong brand at their core.

    The brands featured are:
    Hovis and their iconic bike ad from 1973 one of the most famous ads of all time which is known for being instantly memorable.

    Marmite and their Zippy ad, showcasing the power of nostalgia with two British powerhouses the product and a TV classic

    Stella Artois and their cinema style ads.

    Ive included this example as a way of showing how a brand can add some class to their product, while still missing a mark.

    This very famous ad is something I remember seeing in the cinema as a kid.

    But like many, I presumed Stella was a French drink due to the nature of the advertisiing, and not actually Belgian.

    Cadburys and their iconic purple packaging.
    this short clip was created by creative agency Pearlfisher, who are one of the biggest design agencies in the UK:

    Guinness, the Irish example with one of the best ads of all time.

    This ad was so well received that it was voted the best ad of all time in a Channel 4 poll.

    Simply named Horses and Surfers, it doesnt tell you anything about Guinness at all, but by using the black and white colour associated with the drink, it does more on a subconscious level than a simple ad of someone sitting a bar could.

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